Monday, April 15, 2013

Makeover Magic by Michelle Libby

This week’s makeover began before The Windham Eagle even published its first issue. Laurie Shepard, an eldercare advisor, from Windham wanted to take control of her life and signing up for a makeover was one way to show the world what she has accomplished.

In July 2012, Shepard had had enough of being overweight and she went to the Maine Medical Center Bariatric Center and made the decision to have gastric by-pass surgery. She had been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is an imbalance in hormones that makes it difficult to lose weight and can cause weight gain, according to WebMD.

“The imbalance kind of took over my body. I had hid behind PCOS,” Shepard said.

When she knew she was going to have the surgery she immediately cut out caffeine, sugar and carbonation. She lost 45 pounds before her surgery.
To date she has lost 129 pounds and her goal is to lose a total of 150 pounds. “It’s a certain mindset. I was never really an overeater,” Shepard said.

After the surgery she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and was unable to exercise although she did try a water aerobics class.

She was told that success was healthy eating, lifestyle change and exercise. “Don’t miss any of those things,” she said.

When the call came for a makeover, Shepard was 110 percent in, she said. “I went in – whatever you want to do. Totally whatever,” she told Tracey Chambers at Voila Hair and Day Spa. “Here’s the canvas, do what you can with it.” 

“I was treated incredibly nice there. It was a great day of pampering,” Shepard said.

“I shortened her hair up, and added layers for movement. I lighten her all over color and added some soft highlights, then waxed her brows to show off her pretty eyes,” Chambers said.

“I love it. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it. It meant so much with the whole process, it was really needed. I like the lighter color. I’d never had foil done before,” Shepard said.

She has had a few issues since the makeover, however. “People walk by me and they don’t even know me,” Shepard said. Her son, Owen, walked into the house after school and said, “Hi?”. When Shepard turned around, he said, “Mom?”
Her family, Linzell, her husband, and the children, Andrew, Owen and Aidan, decided that she still looked like herself, but different. 

“I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I was,” she said. “It changed my life. And, now I’m committed to keeping the look. All in.”  

Special thanks to Voila Hair and Day Spa for the Photos.

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