Monday, July 8, 2013

Makeover Magic

Susan Lowberg from Raymond is a cancer survivor who was nominated by her daughter, Carolee Parsons-Beaulieu to get a makeover from The Windham Eagle and Jessica Corson at Chic Boutique just in time for The Relay for Life, held in Windham this past weekend. She wanted to have her mom show off her new look to family and friends, while celebrating her defeat of cancer.

“It was great. Jessica was absolutely a doll,” Lowberg said.

In November, Lowberg had a double mastectomy. When she went into surgery, they told her that the cancer wasn’t even at a stage listing, but once they took it out, they said it was actually stage 4 cancer. She is now cancer free and is thankful she didn’t have to go to chemotherapy. 

Wanting to surprise her family, she waited until Saturday to go for her makeover.

Stylist Jessica Corson had a great time giving her a new look with subtle panels of two different colors to create a natural looking result that would wear well as it grew out. She cut about 10 inches off her hair and shaped it into a modern and wearable layered bob. She completed the look with an eyebrow tint and light makeup application.

“Everybody really liked it. They said I looked 10 years younger,” Lowberg said. She also confessed that she doesn’t wear makeup and has never worn lipstick. “I don’t wear makeup and she did a makeover on my face. I’ve never wore lipstick in my life. I looked good. I might wear it if someone was at my house everyday to do it,” she said with a chuckle.

She has already scheduled her next appointment to keep the hair cut and color.

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