Monday, July 1, 2013

Say "I do" to the flowers by Pam Pattee

Happily ever after begins with flowers. My friend decided to do her own wedding flowers, since I make it look so easy. Seriously! Do you think you can just throw a bunch of flowers together and expect them to look like a wedding bouquet? How about the handling and care of each flower. Wilted bouquets are just not in style. A bride should not make her own flowers just before her big day. Stick to smelling the roses and leave the work to the professionals.

Weddings can be a challenge. Pace yourself as if you were running a marathon. Many brides are overwhelmed when it’s time to pick out their flowers. A professional florist can help make your wedding an affair to remember. Select a florist you feel comfortable talking with, and develop a relationship. A florist once told me “Enjoy all the preparations and remember you’re planning a big party for friends and family.” Your florist has been through many weddings and will steer you in the right direction. Your florist will flourish under pressure unlike an amateur.

Your dream bouquet and reality may not be one and the same. The flowers may not be in season and your florist can make recommendations. Flowers that are shipped in from different parts of the world can increase cost. Professionals can usually work within your budget, without compromising quality of work. Whether your style is organic wild flowers, bedazzled bouquets, or the latest vintage heirloom look, your wedding designer can personalize your style.

This is your special day to cherish forever. It’s also your florists’ reputation at stake, and you can bet he/she is not going to disappoint you. Odds are you may need her again years down the road. All kidding aside, live in the moment of your wedding bliss. Leave the material items to the pros.

Pam Pattee is a Maine Master Floral Designer
Independent consultant here in Windham

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