Friday, September 27, 2013

Student of the Week - Hayden Baker

Seven-year-old Hayden Baker from Raymond Elementary School is The Windham Eagle student of the week. Hayden is in second grade in Mrs. Pennington’s class. His favorite subject is physical education. 

The staff and teachers at RES have this to say about Hayden. “Hayden is always helping other students and staff. He just recently helped his classmates when they needed help on the computer and then got right back to work! He holds the door in the morning for all the students that come in off the bus and he helps on the playground by collecting all the balls and jump ropes everyday and putting them away in the equipment shed. 

Thank you Hayden for being such a kind and caring helper!”

Hayden lives with his mom Lynn Lyons, sister Brianna Baker and brother Trey Turcotte. He also has a cat named Tigger and a dog named Hammer. His hobbies include biking, basketball, soccer, baseball and being outdoors or playing video games.

Favorite subject: Physical Education
Favorite TV show: Total Drama
Favorite animal: Jaguar
Favorite movie: Kung Fu Panda

If I wasn’t studying, I would be riding my bike.

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