Sunday, June 22, 2014

Makeover magic - Leena Couling - By Michelle Libby

Leena Couling couldn’t wait for her husband Matt, who is in the US Coast Guard, to return from being stationed away from home. With two children Coral and Alan (2), she was excited to do something for herself.

“I’ve never had it professionally cut or colored, only trimmed here and there so this was a big deal for me. I was very nervous about having my hair colored for the first time, but it came out amazing,” Couling said. 

Couling is a stay at home mom and after a long winter was looking for a change. 

She went to Raezors Salon & Spa for a new look, Dr. Leslie A. Elston for teeth whitening and Envious Bronze for a pre-summer tan.

“I felt refreshed and renewed, and after this long winter, it was just what I needed,” she said. 

At Raezors, hair artist Shelley Worthing worked with Couling. 

Before starting, we discussed what I did not want to have done and then she figured out a plan for me. As she worked, she let me know what she was doing so that helped calm my nerves,” Couling said.

Worthing brought Couling’s length to below her shoulders as Leena wanted to still be able to wear it up on hot days. Worthing added layers throughout, while maintaining length around the face and still created some shape around Couling’s face to compliment her. Worthing then added mocha highlights to Couling’s previously darker hair to maintain richness, yet give an overall softer feel. 

When people saw her after the makeover jaw’s dropped, Couling said. “They loved it!”

She added, “It’s very easy to maintain and looks great without much effort.” She plans to keep the look.
“The salon was fantastic and Shelley was great. I told her she could do what she wanted and just trusted her to do her magic, and she did. I love the way it turned out. They were wonderful…very friendly and nice.”

Couling has lived in Windham for three years. They will be moving to Miami for Matt’s next tour.
“I’m really going to miss my group of Birchwood mom friends that have been so wonderful here. Tayla, Kim's, Jenny, Nicole, Kristen, you guys have been such great friends and I hope we can meet up in Florida one day!” said Couling.

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