Friday, September 19, 2014

Mend-A-Body continues to slim down Windham Eagle Staff

Kelly Mank
Week 5 - Down 11.5
11.5 pounds down. I feel great. Down a size and a half... can’t wait to be down two sizes. As I said, the first couple weeks were pretty hard for me as it is not simply changing my home eating habits, but changing how I think of food and how I plan what I'm eating. For example, when I want chocolate I want it right then and there... I don't want to have to think about where to find a healthy chocolate and then wait days until I can get it. So, I found a low carb chocolate company... ordered $100 in chocolate (I know that sounds crazy) but when I want it, I have it, and its only one net carb... oh yeah, and delicious. The purpose for me to share this is that even with the new way of thinking, with my crazy life, it is working. I’m enjoying it, and feeling great. As I was sitting at Star Nails getting my nails done yesterday I met the nicest woman who was also trying to lose weight. She shared with me that she has set a goal to lose four pounds (I think that is what it was) and she is rewarding herself by doing something for herself, getting her nails done again. I thought about this a lot and I love the idea of rewarding myself, so, for every five pounds I lose I am going to get a massage. I am saving so much money with planning my meals and eating healthier that I can afford this and I deserve this.

Niels Mank
 Week 5 loss: 27

It has been five weeks and I am down 27 pounds. I have lost a shirt size, find my jackets fitting more loosely, and have had to tighten my pants belt. I am eating healthier than I ever have and not feeling hungry. I am finding many substitutions for the poor eating habits I once had. If I have learned anything from this process it’s that Mend-A-Body is not a diet but a way of teaching you about your poor choices and what you could have that would be a healthy alternative. I never knew I could eat certain foods at certain times and it would promote healthy living. Some of the simplest things that I have been taught in the past five weeks seem so simple but nobody ever educated me on them. I have been shown so many new recipes that now I can help my entire family eat for better overall health. I am so happy that I found Mend-A-Body and will forever be grateful for the education they have given me. I now understand carbs, protein, sugar, fiber, and all the other nutrition labels that I never even looked at before on my food. I am excited to see what the next couple of weeks bring.

Michelle Libby
Week 5 down 25.

Michelle holding the weight she's lost thus far.
Dieting is hard. Let’s face it, it’s not easy living a healthy lifestyle. The grocery store seems like a landmine field, we are confronted with delicious treats at every outing, party and event. I admit, at times I am weak. I just want to sneak a little of the brownies my mom made or have a few M&Ms because I’m craving chocolate. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t fall off the cart, but getting run over by said cart is a bad plan. 

This week, we started getting coached on our own. The more personalized plan comes into play. I, unlike Kelly and Niels, do cook at home and have always done that. I love making casseroles and pasta. This however doesn’t enter into my new life plan. I’ve had to attempt to come up with quick, easy and healthy solutions for dinner which before I would boil up pasta and toss it in a bowl. Preparation seems to be the key. 

Tonight I’ll be getting a call, my second this week, from a new coach who has been where I am. She’s nationally known and understands that success doesn’t happen overnight. Mend-A-Body also has encouraged me to write down everything I’m eating to check my carb consumption and my fiber.
I’m at the tweaking point in my plan. I’ve cut out the bread, soda and most of the junk I used to eat. Now I need help to fine tune what I’m eating to get the number on the scale plummeting. I’ve lost 25 pounds and at least 4 inches from my waist. I can feel the difference, but I can’t see it. I like the reality of this program and will keep up with it.

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