Friday, November 28, 2014

Mend-A-Body and The Windham Eagle Staff

Niels Mank
Are you looking for a way to crush through that diet plateau you are on? Deb at Mend-A-Body hooked me up with a great idea. She told me stir fry would help. I followed her instructions and headed to the store. I purchased Chicken, broccoli slaw, shredded cabbage and green beans. I then went home and combined all the vegies in a wok and added the special Teriyaki sauce from Mend-A-Body. While that was cooking I cut up the chicken and cooked it. I mixed the two together and served it to the entire family. I can tell you that I have a very picky family, my 8-year-old twins are super picky, and after the first plate we were all fighting for more. The kids loved it so much that I did it again the next night with a Mend-A-Body Ginger sauce. That was an even bigger hit. The next night we did it again with a Mend-A-Body Asian medley sauce. Each one was different and there were no leftovers. Best part, I lost 4 pounds that week. If your weight has hit a plateau and you can’t figure out what to do give Deb a call and see what Mend-A-Body can do for you.

Michelle Libby
I’m the kind of person who likes gentle reminders of things. Put it in front of my face and it will get done. Hit me over the head with it and I don’t do as well. Mend-A-Body offers reminders in the form of an audio CD that comes in the welcome package and videos on a variety of topics. My coach Amanda asks me to watch certain ones when I have a minute or two during the week. Those reminders to hear the message of health are very important in my journey. Without those I tend to slip and forget the big goal.
My weekly calls from Amanda are a good reminder as well. She’s my accountability clause. I have to tell her about the M&Ms I ate (not recently, Amanda). I also can tell her when I have a blockbuster week.
Reminders and accountability, two things Mend-A-Body covers.

Kelly Mank
As life becomes hectic, hockey season has started, I find myself questioning my choices more than I ever have. I have come to a valley in losing weight. Eighteen pounds down and I am very happy. I don’t find myself depressed over the decisions I am making and I have learned a lot about adding fiber to every meal I eat. I know that some of the choices I make are not always the best in my weight loss endeavor but I feel that with what I have learned from Mend-A-Body I am not going to end up gaining the weight back as I have in the past with other programs. I love getting compliments everywhere I go. I love fitting into clothing that I haven’t fit into in quite some time. Even this weekend, Niels has me going through my closet as we get ready to move, cleaning out my clothes, and I am trying things on that I have been scared to wear that are now too big for me…its awesome. I am excited to be half way through our program with Mend-A-Body and am even more excited to get off the next 12 pounds. Here we go!

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