Monday, February 2, 2015

A burning passion for smoke detection sparks a partnership with Windham Middle School and Lowes of Windham

Smoke detectors save lives, but does your home have enough working smoke detectors? Did you know there should be a smoke detector in every room…except the kitchen?
This week, a 12-year-old heard a smoke detector alarm, alerted his sister and brother, and saved their lives. The sister heard the same alarm, but assumed someone was cooking in the kitchen. Lives can only be saved if everyone does their part.

Students at Windham Middle School have been learning about fire safety and how to properly protect a home with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. They did a random survey of WMS families, and learned an alarming 42 percent of homes do not have an adequate number of smoke detectors. This means a potential 250 homes of Windham Middle School students would not be properly protected in the event of an actual fire.

Thanks to the generous offer of a partnership with Lowes of Windham, the students will be providing smoke detectors both free and at a significantly reduced cost. The students will educate the entire student body on how and why to make sure their home is well equipped and protected. Students who have a “Burning Passion for Smoke Detection” will be making presentations at several lunches to all grades next week, with the sales of the smoke detectors in the lunchroom and through the main office.
For more information, contact Eliza Adams, health teacher, at 892-1820.

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