Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby races in Windham and Raymond

Cub Scouts from Raymond race in the Pinewood Derby
Last Saturday, Cub Scouts from Raymond’s Pack 800 raced homemade cars made from a block of wood, four nails and four plastic wheels to race at the annual Pinewood Derby competition. Each car races against others until there is a winner. This year Harrison Behnke was the overall winner for Pack 800. The top finishers will go to the district derby in the spring.

From left to Right
Michael Doherty, Harrison Behnke, Rylee Brooks, Sam Plummer and Griffin Richmond

Photos by Coreena Behnke

Windham’s Cub Scout Pack 805 speeds for fun

Cub Scouts from Windham descended on Windham Middle School for the annual Pinewood Derby where small wooden cars, made by the Scouts are pitted against one another to determine a champion. This year Jon Loft took the first place trophy home with his red and purple arrow car. 

Awards were also given to best in show for each of the five dens, which are divided up by school grade.
Loft and the other finalists are invited to the Casco Bay derby set for April 11.

Top 5 (1st to 5th)  - Jon Loft, Alexander Momot, Samuel Rogers, Andrew Maxwell & Jack Hall
I think they are 5 to 1 going from left to right in photo but not positive (same with other photo)
Jon Loft is in brown shirt on the right of the picture, Melissa.

Best in Show (by Dens) (I am checking on the names for the Tiger & Wolf)
Web2 - Jack Deptula, Web 1 - Brenden Poitras, Bear - Michael Dyer, Wolf - Joe Donnelly  & Tiger - Gabriel Bois

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