Sunday, February 8, 2015

Student of the week - Sadie Bulger

Sadie Bulger is The Windham Eagle student of the week. The 11-year-old from Manchester School is in Mrs. Taudvin’s fifth grade. 

She is the daughter of Rachel and Bill Bulger and has a sister Gweneth. She has two cats and three chickens. 

“Our student-centered class first discussed what criteria a student of the week would include.  They decided that they wanted a classmate that worked hard, didn’t give up, and followed “The Deal” to be their class representative.  “The Deal” is a code of conduct that the students created so every classmate can have a safe and enjoyable space to learn.  They discovered that many classmates fit the criteria, so through a respectful nomination process Sadie became their representative they all agreed upon,” said Taudvin. “Peers stated ‘she follows the Deal, she works as hard as she can and if there is a problem she tries to fix it.’  ‘She helps others when they need it.’  ‘She is nice to everyone.’ ‘She is
helpful, caring and makes school fun.’”

“When I grow up I want to be a teacher. Education is important because I want to be able to get in a good college,” she said. “When I’m not in school, I’m going to help people the best I can and hopefully have a good job.”

Favorite animal: Turtles
Favorite movie: The Hunger Games
Hobbies: Taking care of animals, playing with my cats and taking care of kids.

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