Monday, March 30, 2015

Makeover magic with Kate Harmon - By Michelle Libby

Kate Harmon is the mom of a very active 1-year-old. Harmon was thrilled when she was asked to be the makeover spotlight. “Everyone was so excited for me,” she said. 
“It’s been a really long year. Now that he’s a toddler, he’s into everything. It’s a new world to us,” Harmon said. She and Matthew’s father, Brandon Salvato, have worked hard to become a strong family. 

She went to Envious Bronze for a spray tan with Jessie Nickerson. Spent time with Dr. Elston at her dentist office in Windham getting her teeth whitened and saw Corbi at Raezors Salon in Windham.
“It was amazing,” Harmon said. “Everyone was so kind. I’m not in the new mom funk anymore. A weight was lifted off of me,” she said. 

After Kate went to Envious Bronze, Jessie said, “Just sprayed Kate. What a doll!  It is so easy and only took about 15 minutes!”

Harmon decided which parts she wanted tan and undressed to her comfort level. She noticed the difference right away, Harmon said. “When I showered eight hours later, you could see tan lines. I was so giddy. It lasted about a week,” she added. 

At Dr. Leslie A. Elston’s office, Harmon had a 20 minute whitening treatment. 

“It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be,” she said. They polished her teeth and then after 20 minutes her teeth were three shades whiter. She can keep the new white smile with a touch up pen. 

“People noticed,” she said. Harmon works at Starbucks in Portland and her regular customers could see the differences in her from her tan, to her teeth and finally to her hair color.  

“It was an awesome experience. It was so personal, just the two of us in the salon,” Harmon exclaimed. She had never been to a salon, opting to do a quick cut at Walmart. She’d never had someone take care of her hair. “It was nerve-racking and exciting.” 

My experience with Kate was great although I was disappointed she would let me cut her hair. Kate had never had her hair professionally colored before. She came to me with black hair and was looking for a funky, edgy, bold red heavy highlight. It came out beautiful!” said stylist Corbi Duquette.

At the big reveal, Harmon said “I wanted to cry. I’d been bored with the same old black-colored hair. I felt like a whole new person…refreshed. I don’t have to go anywhere ever again. I can go just to Raezors.”
Harmon just needed that little push to get her to make changes that affected her whole outlook. If you know someone or are someone who could use a makeover, contact Michelle at for more information.

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