Monday, March 16, 2015

Student of the Week - Emma Furey

The Windham Eagle student of the week comes from Jordan-Small Middle School. Ten-year-old Emma Furey recently moved to Raymond from Tennessee and is in the fifth grade. 

Emma is a good friend who likes to laugh. Emma works hard in school and stays on task. She enjoys learning and does not quit if she is challenged. She is helpful to her classmates,” said Joni Merrill, who is part of the Academic Enrichment Team that nominated Emma.

Emma loves dogs, especially “Jack” her Jack Russell. In addition to Jack, she lives with her parents Erin and Patrick.

Favorite subject: Science
Favorite animal: Fox, Wolf, and Dogs
Hobbies: I love to draw and snowboarding
When I’m not in school, I’m “playing with my dog.”

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