Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New column for Eagle readers - By Sara Moore

I am excited to be offering a unique Dear Abby style column for The Windham Eagle. I am a Psychic Medium for people and pets. My 9-year-old tells me it’s not a normal job, but I love that I get to connect you with your loved ones on the other side and to help you better understand the four legged friends still with you. This is the first round of “Dear Psychic Sara” and I’m excited to be able to answer your questions and post selected ones in the paper and online. You can submit your questions and a picture (optional) by going to Facebook at The Windham Eagle or through email at editor@TheWindhamEagle.com.
To get started, let me tell you how this works. When you ask me a question, I tune in using all my senses, ask effective questions or relay your questions, and then I use my skills to interpret the answers. I close my eyes when doing a reading to tune out distractions and to turn off my ego which also allows me to create a blank space for images to flow. Think about what you had for breakfast. That memory sort of shows up in your mind, right? That’s what the reading looks like in my head. It’s my job to figure out what the image means and present it to you in a way that makes sense.

I am also an empath, so I feel what you or your loved one is feeling. If you ask me about a dog who has been acting strange but you can’t pinpoint the cause, I pay attention to my own body and become aware of any discomfort I start to feel. If your dog’s hips hurt, my hips start to hurt. I can differentiate between a sharp shooting pain versus an arthritic ache. Then I ask them to show me what happened or to tell me what you need to know. This is a valuable tool when I work in conjunction with traditional medical care. I am not a veterinarian and do not diagnose, treat or cure animals. I do use energy work, however, to help release any energetic blocks that may be slowing the healing process. This is also a skill that I can teach you to do!

So how is this going to work? Well, I’d love for you to write in and ask me some questions! Answers will have to be fairly short and sweet but if your question is chosen you can receive $10 off a more in depth 30 minute reading. To help me ensure I have the right animal please give me the following information:

Type of animal and color
Living or deceased
What would you like to know? 

I get asked everything from are they happy to are they ready to cross the rainbow bridge. All animals on the other side are grateful to be there. Death isn’t an ending to them, it’s simply a transition to another place and they will see you again! You can ask what would make them happier, what they are here to teach you, how they feel about family members, daycare, their collar, daycare and pretty much anything you can think of! I understand this column may not be for everyone and that’s what makes this world an interesting place to be. I’m not here to convince or convert anyone so take what you like and toss what you don’t. My services are never a replacement for licensed medical care.

Sara Moore is a Psychic Medium for people and pets who offers in person and long distance readings. She has been featured on 94.9 WHOM and has raised thousands for nonprofits helping animals. Sara’s Enlightened Horizons office is in downtown North Conway, NH. FMI, call (603)662-2046 or go to www.enlightenedhorizons.com. Like us on Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons on Facebook!

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