Saturday, November 21, 2015

Psychic Sara Moore answers the first question from a reader - By Sara Moore

Terry Brinkman: Is our Grand dog, Maya trying to communicate with us since she passed last May? Is she with my beloved cousin who passed in July of 2014?

Sara: Hi Terry and thank you for your question. The first thing I feel when I read Maya's energy is a soreness in my right hip flexor area, which is more to the front of the hip than to the back. When I ask is she's trying to say hello, I get a warmth or a pressure right on the front of my forehead, slightly off center. It's almost where my eyebrow starts on my left side. If this relates to anything she was physically going through before she passed I assure you she is pain free now. It's just her way of confirming that I have the right energy. She is always connecting with you because you are still very good at talking with her! If you go for a walk, you tell her how nice it is out! She does communicate with you through your thoughts.
When you ask about your cousin I get covered in goosebumps and they would love to chat but don't know how much is alright to share with you in this public forum. I'm asking them to just give enough so you know they're at peace. I see a medal or necklace that is larger than a quarter, hanging down on your chest. Doesn't look like a medal from war but an oversized pendant of some sort. I see someone testing their reflexes by running a pen or tool up their feet, which are covered in socks. The right side of my jaw is sore, as is the lower back part of my skull. If I ask them what do they want you to know? I see Maya running and jumping into their arms and they both show me how strong they are now! The imagery in my head is actually pretty funny because I see flowers popping up and rainbows, which is silly but very much telling me they are more than alright on the other side.
Thank you for your question!

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