Friday, November 20, 2015

Student of the week - Joshua Mora

Windham High School freshman Joshua Mora is The Windham Eagle student of the week. “Josh Mora represented our school extremely well at the leadership conference this past Thursday and Friday.  He was very professional and included all students.  He comes to class prepared is always respectful,” said teacher Terri Whyte.

Josh is interested in going to college for architecture or project management. He is most successful in English class and he believes that “In my opinion, engaging and interesting topics, and teaching that is understandable and clear make learning fun.”

The most important thing to him in his life right now “would be my education and wellbeing. My education is what is pushing me forward in life to be successful and being healthy enables me to pursue goals,” Josh said. In his free time he runs, plays lacrosse and listening to music. 

His family includes Dawn his mom, Eric his dad, Olivia his sister and Eli the cat.

Favorite Holiday: Christmas Hobbies, extracurricular activities:
Lacrosse, running, sleeping

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