Friday, May 13, 2016

Student of the week - Sam Plummer

Fifth-grader Sam Plummer is The Windham Eagle student of the week. The 10-year-old attends Jordan-Small Middle School, where his favorite subjects are math and science. He knows that “education is important because you won’t get far in life without it.” He is also involved in drama as well as sports.
“According to those students who nominated him, Sam ‘always works hard, helps people, and stands up for those who do not stand up for themselves,’” said his teachers. “He plays tennis (just beginning), soccer and baseball.  He is looking forward to this year's baseball season where he plays first base, pitcher and catcher. When Sam grows up, he wants to be either a professional goalkeeper in soccer, or a paleontologist.  If you invited Sam to dinner, he would most enjoy a burger from ‘5 Guys’ and a dessert of chocolate sundae.”

Sam lives with his parents Scott and Kim and his brothers Ryan and Nathan. He also has a pet named Molly.

Favorite TV show: Hawaii Five-O

Favorite Animal: Sloth

Favorite movie: Hunger Games

Hobbies: Sports and videogames

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