Friday, July 29, 2016

Excavating continues sift by sift at historic dig - By Michelle Libby

The historic dig on River Road at the site of the original 1700s fort continues at the top of Anderson Hill. State archeologists will continue work on the site for two more weeks, according to Windham Historical Society president Linda Griffin. 

Can you see the scissors?
“They have found only a little of the fort on the Anderson Lord side and most of the artifacts are on the Parson Smith House side (93 River Road),” she said in an email to the historical society. “They have found significant items to show life in the 1700s.  Next year they plan to dig under the River Road to find what buildings were inside the fort,” she added. 

Shard found. 
The fort was 50 feet by 50 feet with a palisade fence outside the fort. There were two flankers holding canons and they have located a rubble stone foundation under the fort walls both the north and south walls. There was also a chimney base and possibly a small building outside the fort found, according to Griffin. This week they found a root cellar.

As far as artifacts go, they have found one large coin, a clasp from clothing, a cufflink, a shoe buckle and a flattened brass thimble. Lots of nails, pieces of pottery and dozens of parts of clay pipes have been found. 

 “It is an amazing opportunity for us to learn about our early fort and how people lived in the 1700s,” said Griffin.        

 People interested in visiting the site are welcome to visit. They work Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Pictures: Megan Theriault Archeologist with the Maine Historic Preservation Commission

Left Corrine Bongiovanni (volunteer) and Ammie Mitchell, who has worked for MHPC for two years as an archeologist.

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