Friday, March 24, 2017

Legislative committees have begun two-year budget by Rep. Jessica Fay

Legislative committees have started to work together to craft our state's two-year budget, hosting public hearings on important issues like health care, job creation and education.
As we've taken the first steps toward defining our priorities, one thing has become abundantly clear: We need a better budget for the people of Maine. 

Right now, a lot of Maine families are going through tough times because too many of our good-paying jobs are gone.

But we're resilient and we have what it takes to build an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, does their fair share and plays by the same rules.

Gov. LePage's budget ignores the tools we do have to take care of our communities and each other.
Maine can get back on the right track, by investing in our families and communities, to build an economy that works for everyone - not just the top. I'm focused on creating a budget that prioritizes increasing jobs, reducing property taxes, fixing crumbling infrastructure, revitalizing rural communities and improving education.

I hope you'll join me as I keep working toward crafting a better budget for you and our communities. My door is always open and I hope you'll share your thoughts on what our state needs to thrive, as we continue our work. You can reach me at: 415-4218 or

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