Friday, April 14, 2017

Solve a murder and raise funds for Windham Center Stage Theater’s Scholarship program by Lorraine Glowczak

Imagine this. Your friends, Albert and Rosemary Clayton are hosting a costume party at their ostentatious mansion to show their guests the fabulous Pink Puma diamond, recently acquired by Albert Clayton. The guests include members of high society as well as a couple of low-lifes.  At least a few of the guests have robbery in mind and if necessary - murder! Is anyone murdered? If so, who? Who committed the crime?
Come and find out by attending the “A Costume Party Caper” dinner mystery theater at Spring Meadows Country Club & Golf in Gray on Saturday, April 22 and 29, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

“The dinner theater is a fun time for the actors and the audience,” stated Dawn Sample, producer of the show. “The evening begins with salad, Act I, dinner, Act II and dessert. Then after the ‘action’, during dessert, the tables receive a newspaper account of the crime or crimes that occurred on and ‘off’ stage and what the police found.  Then the tables have the opportunity to talk with each of the characters who are still alive. The characters will move from table to table and go over their clues. [Individuals at] the tables use this time to interview as many of the suspects to unravel the mystery and see who is lying as they can, to try and be the first to solve the mystery.  As the solutions are turned in, they are assigned a time and then after the detective collects all the solutions and summarizes the evening; he then reviews which of the tables was the first to correctly guess the murderer and then the prizes for each person at the table (maximum 8) are awarded.”

The proceeds from the dinner theater will go the Windham Center Stage Theater’s annual Scholarship and Capital Improvements. “WCST has given out to 17 students, over $10,000 in performing arts scholarships since 2008. The scholarship is for graduating seniors who will major or minor in the performing arts and has been involved in at least 3 shows with WCST in some capacity over the years.”

Monies that go toward the theater’s Capital Improvement Fund are used to purchase and maintain sound, lights, and other equipment that are critical to the shows. 

Tickets for the dinner theater are $38 per person or, a table of eight can be purchased for $288. The price not only includes the show, meal and dessert but gratuity as well. 

Spring Meadows Country Club has a choice of three wonderful meals to choose from that include Prime Rib, Chicken, or Stuffed Shells.

To purchase a ticket, reservations are required on a first come, first serve basis and can be purchased online at:, or email at: as well as calling: 207-893-2098.

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