Friday, May 5, 2017

Student of the week is Ellie Wilson. Congratulations!

Ellie Wilson, a seventh grade student at Jordan Small Middle School is The Windham Eagle’s student of the week. The 13-year-old enjoys field hockey, basketball and softball.

“As the days march on and things get busy, one student is a constant reminder for all of us to live our
lives to the fullest,” one of Wilson’s teachers said. “She is dynamic and magnetic! She is funny, hardworking and has a great laugh. She is direct and passionate. She sets an example for all those around her to stand up for what is right and have a positive attitude. This young lady is, in all ways amazing. She is a dedicated student, athlete and friend. She is pure joy and our world here at JSMS is significantly better because of her presence here.”

Wilson, whose favorite subject is math and favorite show is “One Tree Hill”, plans to have a career as a midwife. 

She lives at home with her mom, dad and sister as well as two dogs and “Oreo” the bunny.

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