Friday, June 23, 2017

Student of the week: Natasha Pongratz

Natasha Pongratz, a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Crockett’s and Ms. Estey’s classrooms at Jordan-Small Middle School, is The Windham Eagle’s student of the week. The eleven year-old enjoys horseback riding, dancing and playing softball.

Mrs. Crockett and Ms. Etsey selected Pongratz for student of the week because she exhibits a diligence in doing her work well.  “Tasha gets along well with her classmates and she always has a positive attitude,” her teachers stated. “She demonstrates respect toward adults and she fully participates in all activities.” 

Words used to describe Pongratz include: engaged, compassionate, friendly and kind.
Pongratz lives at home with her Mom, Dad, 2 brothers, Nemo the dog, and two cats

Favorite subject: Math
Favorite movie: “Pete’s Dragon”
Favorite music group: Taylor Swift

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