Friday, July 7, 2017

Local author honors and expresses gratitude to gifted illustrator and artist by Michelle Patch

Just over a year ago I decided to write a book about my dog Rollie who had passed away. Being a school counselor - not an author - the whole process was a huge learning experience for me.  I had no real idea of what I was doing and had to trust in others who did. One of those people I trusted was Thomas Block, the illustrator of my book, “The Boston Terrier Who Thought He Was a Loon.” 
Thomas Block passed away on June 23

When I connected with my publisher, Maine Authors Publishing (MAP), I described the type of art work I envisioned. I wanted it to be natural and realistic, truly representative of who Rollie was. MAP told me they knew just the guy. Next thing I knew, I was working with Block.  

As an artist, he was able to take my story, ideas, and pictures I had in my head and put them to paper. It was a true collaboration of his artistry and expertise with my thoughts and vision. He was great with any questions or concerns I had and was committed to getting Rollie just right. Prior to illustrating this book, he had never drawn a Boston terrier. He captured Rollie perfectly and I could not have been more pleased.

He brought Rollie to life on the pages of the book. With the success of this book, we had just started talking about working together on my second Boston terrier book and the adventure Rollie was going to have next.  

Sadly, Thomas passed away on Friday, June 23 due to complications of lung cancer. He was a gifted illustrator, artist, and teacher who brought Rollie to life on the pages of my book. The collaboration we did led to the book winning the New England Book Show Committee Pick Award for Design and it was just picked up by LL Bean! I'm forever grateful for Block’s talent and kindness in helping me share Rollie with so many. It’s going to be very difficult to fill his shoes for my next book. He set the standard very high. 
To learn more about my book visit,

To learn more about Thomas Block visit his fb page; he touched so many lives as both a teacher and illustrator.

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