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Time4Printing welcomes multi-talented designer by Lorraine Glowczak

Dave Harrigan recently joined the Time4Printing and Time4Wrapz families as well as The Windham Eagle newspaper as a Graphic Designer on Monday, February 12. He brings with him a wealth of art, illustration and graphic design experiences that will contribute to the professionalism and integrity that the businesses and publication provide for the Lakes Region communities.

Dave Harrigan at Time4Printing

Harrigan was born and raised in Windham, graduating from Windham High School in 1996. He left Windham soon after to pursue an artist’s life that many dream of but only a few experience. 

His first adventure took him to Georgia where he attended the Savannah College of Art and Design. After a limited time in the South, he returned to Maine and explored many art forms that included classes in photography, sculpture and illustration at Maine College of Art in Portland.

After a few years there and feeling the need to spread his wings to be a part of a grander art scene,
Harrigan moved to New York City. While there, he mastered his Indie art form in illustration, showing most of his work in fine art galleries – not only throughout New York City but around the world as well. Harrigan’s artwork was and continues to be, shown in galleries across the U.S., Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Austria, Japan and Canada.

Even though he was phenomenally successful as an illustrator in the Big Apple and beyond, he yearned for more discoveries. Feeling a kinship to Japanese culture, Harrigan began taking Japanese language courses and moved to live in Japan soon after. While there, he joined together with some friends and formed a band called “Team Sasquatch” and went on tour throughout Asia. He played bass and was a lead singer.

“Moving to Japan and creating art and music I had never heard of before shaped who I was as an artist,” Harrigan explained. “It was a pivotal point in my career and helped me to become more focused.”

One of the many Indie art pieces by Harrigan
Feeling the need to grow roots, Harrigan returned to New York City and obtained his degree in Graphic Design at the School of Visual Arts (SVA). “When I began attending classes, I knew I wanted to work for MTV,” Harrigan said. “I met that goal almost immediately.”

Harrigan explained that the professors who teach at SVA are also professionals who work for other companies. One of those professors was Jim Debarros, the Vice President of Off-Air Creative for MTV. “He [Debarros] was my professor who soon became my mentor,” Harrigan said. It was through this connection that Harrigan was able to reach his goal to work for MTV, providing many of their graphic design creations. Debarros and Harrigan are now friends. 

In addition to his work with MTV, Harrigan was also employed by Atlantic Records, beginning as a Graphic Designer but then soon stepping up to the role of Art Director. It was at Atlantic Records that he became friends with the Creative Director, Greg Burke. “Greg constantly pushed me as an artist,” Harrigan explained. “In fact, he encouraged me to do freelance work on the side. As long as I completed everything necessary for the company, he supported me in doing my personal art work.”

Harrigan remained in these various roles for approximately seven years, as well continuing to show his Indie art in fine art galleries world-wide.

But the arrival of his son, Xavier with his wife Kerrie changed his life. Wanting to provide a slower paced life in a more rural setting, Harrigan and his family returned to Windham where a second son, Milo was born.

As his alter ego, Scarecrowoven
It’s been four years since he returned to his home turf where he continues do freelance work as his alter ego, Scarecrowoven. You will find his illustrations and graphic artwork in various comic magazines - often attending comic conventions across the country signing his art work. He also designs movie posters (“Dawn of the Dead” and John Carpenter’s “The Thing” to name just a few), as well as t-shirts (he designed one for Alice Cooper) and designs for Landyachtz skateboards as well.

“I enjoy working for Time4Printing because this position encompasses the whole graphic design package,” explained Harrigan. “I get to work in film, photography, illustrations and I even get to design the wrap for vehicles.”

Kelly Mank, owner of Time4Printing and Time4Wrapz, as well the publisher for the Windham Eagle, is very happy Harrigan joined the team. “It is always good to have a new set of fresh eyes while at the same time adding a level of design that very few professionals acquire.”

To see some of Harrigan’s artwork, view his website at

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