Friday, May 3, 2019

Project Grad 2019 is down to the wire with final and unique fundraiser

RSU 14 (Windham and Raymond) seniors and adult education students are nearing graduation.  It’s an exciting time of year, as students celebrate achievements and look to the future.

Unfortunately, if these celebrations include drinking and driving, festivities meant for fun can easily turn to tragedy. That’s where Project Graduation comes in. 

Project Graduation which is planned and funded through the efforts of parents of current seniors includes organized, adult-supervised and drug and alcohol-free activities as part of a post-graduation party. 

This year’s RSU 14 Project Grad event is planned and is a secret to the students. The committee of dedicated parents have raised $29,000 of the $30,000 needed to pull off this year’s event. The final fundraiser of the year is “Senior Balloon Messages”. This is something the town of Scarborough has done for years (seniors there get as many as 20 messages each from family, friends and teachers) delivered directly to their homes the week before graduation. 

Messages are attached to balloons, making for a festive way to recognize graduates.  The WHS Project Grad committee has decided to attach the balloons to lawn signs recognizing the senior (or graduating adult education student) as an RSU 14 graduate.

Messages cost $6 each. Each student who has at least one message bought for them will get two balloons and a lawn sign delivered to their home. According to WHS Project Grad Chair, Robin Mullins, “We hoped all seniors would have at least one message ordered. We discussed paying for those students who did not get one, but the cost was significant.”

Therefore, the committee asked local businesses for help.  In true Windham fashion three businesses stepped up to sponsor, covering the $1,250 needed for two balloons and one sign for each senior.  A huge “thank you” to Evergreen Credit Union, Milliken, Perkins & Brunelle and major contributor Cumberland Title. 

“Think about how cool it will be to drive through Windham and Raymond the week before graduation and see all of the balloons and lawn signs recognizing our graduates,” Mullins added. Anyone wishing to order a message for a graduating student can do so at the WHS Project Grad website, 

All the best to all graduating RSU 14 students.

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