Friday, April 3, 2020

Windham Food Pantry open by appointment during COVID-19 crisis

By Elizabeth Richards

With school closures and non-essential businesses shutting down food insecurity can become a much bigger issue in the community.  The Windham Food Panty is a resource that can help.

“The Windham Food Pantry is making every effort to ensure that residents are receiving enough food to help them during this difficult time,” says Colette Gagnon, Social Services Administrative Assistant for the Town of Windham.  Gagnon runs both the Windham Food Pantry and the Windham Clothes Closet.

Of particular concern, Gagnon says, are individuals and families that have suddenly found themselves without the means to buy food and non-food products. 

The food pantry generally serves about 300 people per month, but Gagnon says there’s been a rise in demand due to the current situation.  “I’m getting a lot of new people who are reaching out,” she says.  “They’ve lost their jobs and so they’re reaching out to get food. And we’re here to help, in any way we can.”

The food pantry, located at 377 Gray Road in Windham, is open by appointment only at this time.  Gagnon said they are serving one person at a time due to the requirements for social distancing.  “We’re being very, very cautious about that,” she said.

Donations are being accepted, also by appointment.  There is a specific need for donations of toilet paper, tissues, soups and canned goods.

People in need of an appointment, or anyone wishing to make a donation to the food pantry, can call 207-891-1931 Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

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