Friday, August 14, 2020

American Legion Post 148 remembers fallen comrades


By David Tanguay

Special to The Windham Eagle 

They came from many different backgrounds and all walks of life, but those remembered during a special ceremony conducted by American Legion Post 148 on Aug. 5 at the Windham Veterans Center all shared one thing in common. They each wore the uniform of the United  States of America at one time in their lives and were proud to serve their country.

The special “Post Everlasting” tribute was led by Chaplain Richard Drapeau and honored every Post 148 member who passed away from May 2019 to July 2020.

Drapeau recited an opening prayer for the event before comments were made about the ceremony by American Legion Post Commander Eric Bickford.

Chaplain Richard Drapeau of American Legion Post 148
commits the names of fallen post members to the flames
of Post Everlasting at a cermony held Wednesday,
Aug. 5 at the Windham Veterans Center.
The house lights were then dimmed while Drapeau received the “records” of the deceased and performed a commitment of the names to the flames of the brazier on a stacked rifle and military helmet while Bickford read a citation commending their spirits to “Post Everlasting.”

Post members remembered at the ceremony included Roger Beaudoin, John Herald Sr., Robert Newberry, Richard Small, Ray Charmad, John Gallagher, and Past Post 148 Commander Donald Rogers.

The final tribute was the mournful sound of taps played as all in the room stood at attention and saluted their departed comrades for the last time.

According to The American Legion, when a comrade passes, the moment is one of honor. The memory of his/her life in the service of country has now been enrolled in the great spirit army, whose footfalls cause no sound, but in the memory of mankind, their souls go on marching, sustained by the pride of service in time of war. Because of them our lives are free: because of them our nation lives: because of them, our world is blessed.

Post Everlasting is the final destination within The American Legion, where our departed comrades are called for duty by the Supreme Commander. We salute our departed Post members and thank them for their contribution and service to our Country, Community, and Post, and transfer their membership to the Post Everlasting.

Each American Legion Post conducts a solemn Post Everlasting Ceremony once each year. Families of deceased Members are invited to attend the Post Everlasting Ceremony and they may receive an American Legion Post Everlasting Certificate commemorating their loved one's transfer to Post Everlasting.

“This was a very moving ceremony,”. Bickford said.

The event was held prior to the monthly meeting of the Field-Allen Post 148 members at the Windham Veterans Center. <

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