Friday, August 14, 2020

Evergreen Credit Union makes donation to community organizations

 A summer-long kayak raffle administered by Evergreen Credit Union has raised more than $8,200 which was then donated to deserving charitable community organizations.

Some of the recipients of a summer-long kayak
 raffle and community fundraiser were on hand
to learn that their organizations would
benefit from donations made by Evergreen
Credit Union. From left are Jeana Roth of the 
Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, 
Jason Lindstrom, Evergreen CEO, Tim Greer
of the Little Sebago Lake Association, and Cheryl
Rawson of the Collins Pond Improvement
Donations are made to three lake associations, including Collins Pond, Lakes Environmental and Little Sebago Lake. 

Also receiving funds were the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland and many local food pantries.  

“With thanks to the hundreds of raffle participants, Evergreen is very pleased that we can annually support different organizations essential to the many local communities we serve.” said Evergreen Vice President of Marketing Howard Lowell.<


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