Friday, June 18, 2021

Yard sale, bottle drive, raffles to help Windham Youth Bowlers

Camden Gendron, Lucas Littlefield, and
Zach Bernier get lessons from local
bowling coach Jimmy Clark last year. 
The Windham Youth Bowling fundraiser
will include a yard sale, bottle drive and 
raffles on Saturday, June 19.
By Daniel Gray

On Saturday June 19, the public can give a boost to Windham Youth Bowlers by participating in a combined yard sale, bottle drive, and even a raffle all merged into one.

The Windham Youth Bowling fundraiser will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Percy Hawkes Road in Windham and will be a multi-family yard sale, although it will be centralized on one property to make it easier for people to browse. There will also be yellow signs directing people the right way once turning onto Percy Hawkes Road.

While items are scattered, the yard sale aspect will contain books, plus-sized women's clothing items, furniture, craft supplies, and children's toys. And that’s not to mention the amazing raffle prizes that are being offered, one being a “bowling basket” and another being a “beauty basket” featuring gift certificates and assorted items.

The “bowling basket” contains a gift certificate for bowling shoes from Dexter Bowling, a gift card to Bayside Bowl, some bowling T-shirts, and a bag for the bowling shoes that can be attached to a regular bowling bag.

In the “beauty basket” there is a gift certificate for a facial from Samantha Hale at Hands and Soul, some Color Street Nail sets donated by Rachel Lagere at Simply Sparkle with Rachel, and several other makeup and beauty products.

Along with the bottle drive that will be taking place, organizer April Moras Littlefield hopes it will be one interesting yard sale. All of the proceeds go toward a Youth Bowlers' trip to Indianapolis, which is where the Junior Gold Bowling Tournament will be held from July 9 to July 18.

Littlefield, a second-grade teacher in Lewiston and a bowling fan, wanted to help deflect some of the cost in any way she could for the families of Windham Youth Bowlers going to Indianapolis. This is a big opportunity for everyone, especially after canceled tournaments in 2020.

"We had a big event like this being planned last year when everything was shut down." She said, "As a parent of a bowler who wanted to compete, I knew that 10 days of practice and tournaments was going to be expensive. I decided to help the seven bowlers from our association, and their families, with such a long trip in the same way."

Her son Lucas Littlefield, a bowler in the league for nine years, said that he is very appreciative of his mom's efforts to help with the team’s costs.

"I really enjoy and appreciate her help and active participation in a hobby and sport I enjoy,” he said. “Her help with the fundraisers has drastically impacted the sport's opportunities and has also helped my friends grow with me as bowlers.”

With the tournament coming up in July and costly expenses per family to participate, April Littlefield said she is optimistic that the fundraiser, whether it be through the yard sale, raffles, or bottle drive, will help everyone. Even if someone cannot attend the event, their bottle drive at Patman's Redemption for the Windham Youth Bowlers is available for folks who want to lend a helping hand.

"I'm excited to have this event. I think it’s a great opportunity to share our love of the sport,” she said. “A lot of people think of bowling as only something you do with friends for a fun night out or during a rainy day, which it is. But few people realize there is a competitive side to it as well. So while the main focus of this event is to raise money for the families going to the Junior Gold Tournament, it is also a great way to help grow our sport. I’m excited for both."

Disappointed by 2020's missed opportunities, Lucas Littlefield thinks that 2021 will be a better year, especially with help from our community.

"This yard sale will be items from our own homes and items from people within the community,” he said. “The community is coming together to support us and I thank and appreciate all the help that people are pouring in to help make our experience and opportunities come to fruition."

Windham Youth Bowlers competed in the Saturday Morning Youth League and some high school participants bowled in the Juniors League on Saturdays from September to April.  The upcoming Junior Gold Bowling Tournament in Indianapolis is a national event with young bowlers qualifying from ac ross America. 

For more information about the yard sale, bottle drive or raffles, visit April Moras Littlefield’s Facebook page. <

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