Friday, November 18, 2022

WCA students host special recognition breakfast for veterans

Freedom makes a huge requirement of American citizens and following a special Veterans Day event at Windham Christian Academy, students are now aware that we all have a responsibility to recognize the sacrifice of veterans on our behalf.

First- and Second-Grade students at Windham Christian
Academy held a breakfast for veterans on Tuesday, Nov. 8
to thank them for their service and to learn more about their
military careers. The students were involved in every aspect
of the event and were able to connect it to their classroom
activities. SUBMITTED PHOTO 
Students in first and second grade at Windham Christian Academy staged a special breakfast for area veterans on Tuesday, Nov. 8 and teachers say they were involved in every aspect of the event.

WCA Second Grade Teacher Lynn Dodd conceived the idea for the breakfast and collaborated with WCS First Grade Teacher Natalie Edmiston in making it a memorable activity for students and veterans alike.

Dodd’s husband was a Vietnam veteran and said she saw first-hand the effects that life outside of the military had upon him.

“We need to make sure children understand what our veterans have done for us and learn to honor them,” Dodd said.

Students began planning for the event by interviewing a local veteran and asking them questions about their military service.

The questions ranged from what the veterans liked the most and the least about their time in the military, as well as what qualities they felt a person needed to be a good soldier.

Their answers included travel as something soldiers liked the best and time away from their family as what they liked the least. They responded that the qualities required to be a good soldier are integrity, teamwork, and having a sense of humor.

The students then compiled a guest list of area veterans to invite to the breakfast, assisted in creating and planning the breakfast menu, lining up volunteers for the event and creating decorations for the breakfast. The planning activities also connected to schoolwork and lessons.

“There was a lot of math happening on the board as we were planning how many tables we needed to set up,” Dodd said.

On the day of the event, students waited patiently for their guests to arrive so they could bring them to get a cup of coffee and escort them to their table.

Not only were each of the veterans treated to breakfast, but the students shared a poem with those in attendance and they also sang each of the service songs for the different branches of the military while inviting the veterans to stand and be recognized while their service song was performed.

The event ended with each veteran who participated receiving a homemade gift from the students thanking them again for their time spent serving our country. <

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