Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day Makeover

Barb Maurais is involved in everything. She has two children, two and a half grandchildren. She is perfect for The Windham Eagle Mother’s Day makeover because like most mothers, she is busy. Maurais works for RSU 14 as a behavior and academic interventionist, owns her own “31” business, is the educational resources person for Mainely Ticks and works with her husband at the family business, Southern Maine Renewable Fuels. She also is a Girl Scout leader for her granddaughter’s troop, which is run by three grandmothers. 

She is in remission from Lyme Disease and has struggled with that, so educating others has been a personal crusade for Maurais.

When she walked into the salon she told Tracey Chambers owner of Voila Salon and Day Spa to “do with me what you will.”

Chambers gave Maurais a razored-bob and colored her hair back to its natural color, but just for fun, left in a streak of white in the front.

“I like it. It’ll keep it. If Tracey were to go in a different direction, I would trust her, but no bangs,” Maurais said.

The response was incredibly positive, Maurais said.

“They were so funny. I was an old hag, I guess. It’s very easy. I just wash it,” she said, shaking her head. “It took 10 years off,” she added.

Bob Maurais, the husband in the equation said this, “I don't know who she is...what she's done with my wife, but I'm asking her to stay!”

“It was fun to have a professional put make up on so my eyes would pop,” said Maurais.

Her sister, Susie Richardson calls her Cruella, now, as in Cruella de Vil. “Oh Cruella, they left your streak,” Susie told Maurais. 

“There is a little bit of edge to it,” Maurais said.

Special thanks to Voila Salon and Day Spa

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