Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Doctor's Orders - "Sleep Apnea" by Dr. Stanley D. Armstrong DMD

An excellent night's sleep is paramount to an excellent, ongoing quality of life. But for millions of Americans, the dangers of sleep apnea may not only be robbing them of a beautiful day, but also a beautiful life.
Sleep apnea, which causes a consistent interruption to your breathing patterns during the night, has been directly linked to weight gain, high blood pressure, heart failure, heart attacks and strokes as well as accidents during the day due to fatigue.  And very often, the sufferer doesn't even realize there is a problem, although their partner is often more than aware of snoring and general uneasiness every night.

If you or a loved one is worried about whether sleep apnea is negatively affecting you and your life, we have hope.  Modern dentistry has many innovative new solutions beyond the typical CPAP breathing machine that so many would rather not have to get used to. 

For a limited time, we are offering complimentary screenings right here in our dental practice.  Simply call us and we'll find a convenient time to have you come in, fill out a short questionnaire and then proceed with a few very simple and non-invasive tests.  And if we find it necessary, we'll refer you on for a traditional sleep study and be here to offer support, education and information about any one of several new options that can treat and eradicate this silent, snoring killer.


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