Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mend-A-Body - Another week for the staff and a Mend-A-Guru question

Kelly Mank
We all hate being on a “diet” while we are on vacation. So, last week I was in Las Vegas for a convention, not officially a vacation but we did have a little fun, and I was freaking out a little about all the yummy snacks and food that I knew I was going to have the option of. I learned something valuable in Vegas, the Mend-A-Body program is really not a diet. It is a lifestyle. I had options and most of the time I choose the right option. Six months ago I would have made different choices, definitely! I felt good about my choices, I indulged a little, I would be lying if I said I didn’t, but I still feel really good about the choices I made with the new education I have received.

Dear Mend-A-Guru,
What are the negative effects of drinking caffeinated coffee and/or beverages if you are trying to “go healthy” and/or lose weight? I heard someplace that drinking black coffee could help with weight loss?

Thanks for the question. The issue with caffeine is that it is a diuretic. Most folks have a tolerance for one or two 8-ounce cups of caffeinated beverage without any impact on hydrations, etc.  After that, for every caffeine intake, you should add the equivalent serving of water to compensate. Caffeine can parallel blood sugar causing energy spikes and lulls. It can also overstimulate the bladder making the frequency of bathroom trips increase. For those adjusting to an increase in water consumption (and the frequency of bathroom trips that come with this) caffeine consumption can add to effort needed to adjust.
For some, stopping the intake of caffeinated coffee/beverages seems a daunting task. We recommend tapering down these types of beverage consumptions until natural energy levels are resumed from their removal. Some folks split their cup with half caffeinated and half decaf. Some will substitute one serving that is traditionally caffeinated with decaf. And, some do cut it out “cold-turkey.” Whatever is the most comfortable switch for you is the recommended way to go.  And never feature any hot beverage as your first or last beverage intake of the day.  Ice water should bookend both parts of your day with at least one hour difference between drinking them.

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