Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Book Nook by Laurel Parker, Librarian, Windham Public Library

Summer’s on its way.  Wondering what to do?  Check out the activities offered at Windham Public Library.  Can you find the chicken?  If so, get a small prize.  Want to show off your pet?  Check the calendar for the date.  Do you enjoy art?  Share in the craft activities planned for children.  Want to meet an author?  Brenda Reeves Sturgis is coming.  How about an illustrator?  Scott Nash from Peaks Island who designed the nationwide art for “Dig Into READING!” will be at the library on June 27.  Do you like scavenger hunts?  Form a team and seek out some interesting objects, bring them back to the library and everyone on your team receives a prize.  Are ice cream sundaes up your alley?  

Celebrate with a concoction you make yourself as the last day of July arrives.  Like prizes?  Amazon, Walmart, Corsetti’s, book bag, memo cube might all be yours just for taking part in Teen or Adult Bingo. Teens, do you like to read and review books?  Share what you like (or don’t like) by writing a review to get another chance to win a prize.  Have you ever wanted to try yoga with your children?  Learn some basics one morning in August with Rebecca LaWind.  Want to try out the adult book group?  They meet on the last Tuesday of June, July and August.  How about building community?  

Join us for tea on Tuesday, July 16 and August 13.  Need a little magic in your life?  Peter Boie will present Magic for Non-Believers on Monday, July 22 at the Windham Middle School gym.  When was the last time someone read out loud to you?  All listeners are invited to come to the Children’s Room on Tuesdays at 11am for a half-hour reading by Mrs. Currier or Mrs. Parker.  Looking for something to wrap up the whole summer before school starts?  There’s a “Dig Into Reading” Carnival on Thursday, August 22.  Oh, and remember to pick up a good book or movie when you are visiting.  A calendar of all events is available at the library and will be posted at

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