Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mend-A-Body continues to slim down Windham Eagle staff

Kelly Mank
Down 18 pounds
Stir-Fry… so before Mend-A-Body my version of vegetables was raw carrots and even those I would eat with ranch dressing. I never really put vegetables into anything I ate and “thought” I didn’t like them. I really wanted to…but just couldn’t get over the fact that veggies were yucky. Well, with the help of Deb at Mend-A-Body, stir-fry has become my new best friend.  I am eating vegetables that I have never touched before and really liking them.  Challenges the last couple of weeks have been all around eating out and training my brain that I don’t need the roll or the chocolate cake. When I used to eat it I would get so full that I didn’t feel good afterwards but I still wanted it.  Now, when my kids order it I might have a little taste, but that is all I need and I feel really good about it. I am putting on clothes and shirts that I haven’t been comfortable in for eight plus years. I am amazed that we are on week 10, I feel great, and I am still kicking butt (I have never stayed on anything this long). WooHoo!

Michelle Libby
Down 27 pounds
Fitting into clothes from the back of the closet.

The Mend-a-Body lifestyle has become almost a habit. I have to keep checking with my program guides to make sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I found a wonderful part of Mend-a-Body over the last few weeks. At the beginning, Kelly, Niels and I were doing conference calls, but after week four we started talking to the coach one-on-one. I found that to give me more accountability and individualize planning. 

We have been discussing how to incorporate my family into the lifestyle so I don’t have to make three meals every night. We have talked about drinking more water at better times for me. Basically, she is teaching me little tweaks to keep my mind on moving forward. 

At this time I am losing more in inches than pounds (although those will follow). Amanda, my coach, tells me that inches can often be harder to lose and put back on than pounds. I like that. 

This week I wore a new pair of pants that I had purchased months again and couldn’t fit into. Instead of returning them…I’m now wearing them.

Can processed fiber like Benefiber be used to replace fiber?
Dear Mend-A-Guru

I was at the Rejuvenation Conference this past weekend and it was mentioned that you should accompany any “cheat” with fiber. It was also mentioned that processed fiber like Benefiber could be used. Please share your thoughts on this as I am interested in knowing if this means we can eliminate having the traditional fiber from fruits/vegetables if we start sprinkling or mixing this into our foods?

Mend-A-Guru: Great question! Lots of our foods that we carry in our grocery line contain high amounts of fiber as well. It is important to note that you are getting way more than just fiber from the whole foods like an apple or broccoli source. You are getting a great and varied amount of nutrients from mixing up sources frequently. We encourage folks living healthy to not be too much of creatures of habit with what they pattern for purposes of rounding off nutrition sources and also keeping food fun and interesting. Weight loss experts do know that some of the most common reasons folks go back to eating poorly is from boredom and/or “shortcuts” to nutrition that abandon the sound main principles of healthy eating. We would simply state that the Benefiber and other similar products plus processed foods (like certain cereals) can be considered bonus fiber but the recommendation is to anchor any meals, including “cheats” with a real mother nature fiber source.

Niels Mank
Lost 28 pounds
Found healthy recipes

Two and a half months have passed since I started Mend-A-Body. I have lost 28 pounds to date. I can drop weight really fast when I cut carbs. The problem is when I go back to having carbs the weight packs right back on, plus some. I have lost two to three pounds in the past three weeks, and have lost inches around my stomach. I am wearing shirts that I have not fit in for the past five years. I can feel how much bloat I have lost. This program is not just there to shed pounds it really does restructure your body. I have been trying many new recipes and the program has forced my entire family to eat healthier. My kids are loving the food and I am enjoying the healthy side effects it is having. My entire family has more energy and is less sluggish. I am very excited to see what the next stage brings. Mend-A-Body is not just a quick weight loss plan, it really is about changing what foods you eat to re-structure your body. It is working wonders for me.

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