Saturday, November 28, 2015

Psychic Sara answers another pet question from a reader

Question from Paula Pock: I have a question for Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons: My dog Baxter- (tan colored terrier mix), was injured months ago after chasing the neighbor's dog across the street. He has been checked multiple times by the vet and they give him the O.K, but he continues to whine when moving and is not able move like he used to. My question is: Are you still experiencing pain from the injury? If so, where?

Answer from Sara:
Thank you for your question about Baxter. I don't get a lot of pain, but I do have a strange feeling at the very base of my esophagus. I'm not a vet, so I don't have any medical experience, but he's saying it would be like having a slightly paralyzed diaphragm. I want to take a deep breath, but when I do it feels like my belly is already somewhat full of air. 

Is it painful? No. It feels like I have a full belly and am trying to make it deflate a little.

After he tells you this, I get this huge smile on my face. I see him kissing your lips and you not minding it. He says you know it's love because you don't normally let animals do this to you. It's a very loving gesture!

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