Friday, December 23, 2016

Car Wash comes to Windham - By Stephen Signor

On May 10, 2016, Chase Custom Homes filed intent to purchase property at 660 Roosevelt Trail for the purpose of establishing an Auto Shine Car Wash. As a follow up, earlier this week at a public hearing, the Windham Planning Board members were presented with a 71 page packet reflecting the towns required revisions on behalf of Chase by James Amos, professional engineer of Terradyn Consultants LLC. The plans submitted were for an 8,888 square foot car wash facility and 1,248 square foot auto detailing garage. What that amounts to in consumer terms is two self-service bays, one large automatic wash w/tracks and two smaller versions also with tracks.

Currently there is only one other Auto Shine in Maine which is located in Topsham. 

“This building will look pretty much identical to that location,” explained Amos. Concerns regarding waste water removal were high on the towns list. “Investment has been made with the purchase of high tech water re-use and recycle water system provided by Aqua Bio Technologies. In summary, it’s like a mini-treatment plant on-site. Nothing from the washing process will enter the ground water,” continued Amos.

Traffic flow concerns were also addressed.” The access to Route 302 will be limited to right turning traffic for exiting vehicles. No left turns will be permitted onto Route 302 from the main entrance. All customers that wish to turn North onto Route 302 will be directed to the River Road exit, where they can enter Route 302 at the River Road signalized intersection,” said Amos.

The resulting unanimous decision was to accept and approve the final plans.  
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