Friday, January 27, 2017

Show appreciation for your loved ones with a personalized message in The Windham Eagle

Yes. It’s true. We just finished celebrating the New Year and now we are on to the next holiday, Valentine’s Day. It is a date that is celebrated by many to express love to another person in special and celebratory ways through the exchange of cards, flowers, chocolate and heart shaped candies written with short messages of love.

There are many stories surrounding how Valentine’s Day began and its purpose. The day itself is named after a Roman Priest named St. Valentine. His story is not a romantic one but he was a proponent of the marriage of young people. At the time, in the third century AD, it was believed that unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers. As a result, there was a law establishing that young men could not marry. St. Valentine defied the law due to his belief in Christian marriage by secretly performing marriages for young couples. Let’s not discuss what happened to him because of his defiance.

On a more romantic and happier note, there is another story about St. Valentine that may only be
rumor. It has been written that, while in prison for going against the law, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and sent her a love letter, signing it “From your Valentine.” Supposedly, he sent that letter on February 14. This story is a bit more romantic and we seem to go along with this version of the story today.

Besides a love letter, there are many popular ways one can show love and appreciation to their significant other. A romantic dinner at home or at local favorite restaurant is always a popular choice, as are the gifts of candy, cards, and flowers. A gift that is growing in popularity is couples’ massages. However you choose to show your love, be sure to include fun.

One unique way to send a message of endearment to that special someone is to participate in The Windham Eagle’s Valentine’s Day greeting pages. Your message of love will be placed in the February 10, 2017 publication. Deadline to purchase your message of love is Tuesday, February 7. Contact Melissa Carter at to order your greeting.

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