Friday, February 17, 2017

Immense snowfall this week means lots of shoveling

There’s nothing like a Maine winter, especially when that winter happens within one week and with snow accumulations of up to 20 inches or more.

It is a common joke Mainers share with one another, about running to the store before the snow storm arrives, to pile up on food and water, leaving almost empty grocery shelves behind. However, the grocery stores do their best to remain open during blizzards and nor’easters for those few individuals who have to track out into the deep, blinding snow to purchase what’s left.

And since they are open, the sidewalks must be shoveled and a clear path made ready for those brave souls.

We took a moment to talk to Mike Little, George Little and Tom Petty, who work hard at the Windham Mall. They are there by six in the morning and there is always someone there until all the stores at the mall close - making sure the sidewalks remain clear and free of ice.

“We always begin at Hannaford’s since they are the first to open,” Mike Little said. “And continue on to the other storefronts before they open. Customers appreciate being able to get their much needed grocery items.”  

We all know the back breaking work snow shoveling can be and we take a moment to thank those who shovel snow at the Windham Mall, as well as all those individuals who work hard day and night to make sure the pathways are cleared for safety.

Great job and thank you!

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