Friday, March 24, 2017

Book Review by Abigail Lougee

Abigail Lougee is a student at Windham High School

I recently read the book, “This Book is Gay” by James Dawson and I know what you’re thinking, this is a joke. But, I assure you it’s not a joke. No, I’m not making any jabs, and I’m certainly not making fun of anyone. When I first heard the title I laughed and thought that my friend who had recommended the novel was pulling my leg as she said the title. Then she went on to tell me that it was an excellent source of support as she came out to her family and friends, and that I should read it. 

Now that I have, I’m certainly not disappointed with the recommendation. 

James Dawson doesn’t make it uncomfortable and outlines his goal in the first few pages “… gay, straight, or bi; trans or cis - have oodles of questions about what it’s like to be LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender]”. This book has some of the answers. 

“Whether you think you might be LGBT or you think you’re straight but you have questions or you’re anywhere in between, this book is for you” (Page 4).

Dawson’s voice allows you to feel whatever you want to feel, without the author casting judgment, giving the book a conversational tone.

My favorite part about the book is the fact that throughout the duration, you are presented with facts. “In America 3.5 percent of adults identify as LGBT, which equates to about 9 million people - roughly the number of people who live in New Jersey!” (Page 7). 

You are presented with opinions. “…I was sad at how we still DEFAULT to heterosexual in the twenty-first century” (Page 7). 

You are also presented with questions that make you curious about how you view yourself and how you have been looking at the world. “Who said statistics had to be boring?”(Page 8). 

This book is a thought provoking, educational, supportive read, with the undyingly hilarious cartoons, adding a comedic examination.

Dawson has done the impossible of bringing forth education in a light, productive, non-judgmental way, allowing the book to be a guide through an unfamiliar journey. This novel can pose as a read to be a supportive friend, or even a read just because you’re a curious person. 

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