Friday, October 27, 2017

Raymond Community Garden gains shed

On Saturday, October 21, a rumble announced the delivery of a garden shed to the Raymond Community Garden. The shed journeyed from Raymond Hill Road to the Community Garden on a beautiful fall day. the shed settled into place the community gardeners raised a cheer! “She’s a well-worn girl but a blessing to the garden” said Leigh Walker, garden coordinator. “A few minor repairs and a new coat of paint and she will be as good as new!”

Walker went on to explain that the Community Garden has stored its tools and supplies in and around Raymond in gardener’s homes for many years. “Having this shed will allow us to store on-site, saving us time and protecting our tools from the elements.” The Community Garden and the library explored buying or building a shed over the last year, but “the cost was beyond our means” said Sheila Bourque, Library Board President.

Library Board member Kim Allen had a shed she was willing to donate. The shed was only made possible when Mike Doherty, President of Shed Happens, offered to donate the move of this existing structure to the Community Garden site. 

Shed Happens located in Saco and Portland is a well-known company in the shed business. The Community Garden was thrilled that the dream of a shed was going to happen.

The Shed Happens crew removed the shed from Raymond Hill then prepped the site and delivered the shed in its new home. 

“The community, the Children’s Garden and all those who benefit from fresh vegetables through the Raymond Food Pantry thank Shed Happens” said Bourque. “Once again the power of community accomplished a small miracle.”

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