Friday, February 23, 2018

Windham Kiddie Gym provides fun indoor activities during cold winter months by Jennifer Davis

Feeling the need to get out of our house with the weather being too cold to play outside, my son and I decided to venture out into the cold temperatures this past Thursday and head to the Windham Parks and Recreation Kiddie Gym. We were not disappointed.  
Grant Davis enjoying the stilts

The entire gym at the Windham Town Hall was filled with lots of toys that included toy roller coasters with cars, balls, tents, stilts, ride on toys, pool noodles, and more. When my four-year-old son saw the toys, his face lit up and he exclaimed, “Can we play with all of these,” he asked.  When I said yes, he was off.  

The Windham Parks and Recreation Kiddie Gym began in 2007 by Lynn Bucknell, Windham’s Parks and Recreation Coordinator. She had seen other places doing similar things and she said “Why not in our town.”  That was all it took. What started as just a few items with bright colors has morphed into a gym full of fun toys. The best part is that the gym is usually full of smiling children running around with their families.  “It’s a good place for kids in the winter time,” Bucknell states. “When they are not able to get outside and play, they have another option.”   

There is a total of 71 children who participate in the Kiddie Gym, with 12 to 15 of those children who visit on a weekly basis. There is a small fee of $2 per child but there are Season Passes at a slightly discounted rate available.  

The Kiddie Gym is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Upon arrival you will be asked to register your child. With the information you provide, Windham Parks and Recreation will be able to forward you information on events that are tailored to what you and your family might enjoy. If you are interested or have any questions, you may reach out to the Windham Parks and Recreation Department directly at 207-892-1905.  

For more information on other upcoming events offered by Windham Parks and Recreation, please visit their website at

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