Friday, April 13, 2018

Independent movie series recently filmed in Raymond by Lorraine Glowczak

If you were traveling along Route 302 in Raymond, passing by the Raymond Veteran’s Memorial Park on Saturday afternoon April 7th, you may have noticed a small crowd of people gathered around the picnic tables and the memorial stone. For those who may have wondered, it was the film crew of “Hearts in New England”, an independently produced movie series, due to come out in August of this year. It will also be featured at film festivals throughout the U.S. 
Briefly, “Hearts in New England” is written, produced and directed by J.R. Fortin of Poland, ME and
Sebastian's father (Kris Salvi) is a Mafia leader
is the story of two soldiers who find it difficult returning to civilian life. Fortin stars in the film as one of the main characters, Sebastian; who happens to have a dark side, as a result of his time in combat. But his gentle and caring side still exists deep within his soul. 

He and his friend Gerald (Anthony Gaudette) never talk about the war, keeping their experiences a secret. But they are not the only ones. It seems Sebastian’s wife Angela (Caitlynn McCauley), has a secret of her own and Mindy (Maria A. Scenna) – Sebastian’s high school sweetheart and neighbor – takes this opportunity to create havoc among the married couple. 

Sebastian and his brothers Jake (Johnny Aday) and Marcus (Tyler Hajas) are trying to live up to their father Kyle’s (Kris Salvi) expectations, as a father who is a leader of the Mafia. 

As this is his first time to produce and direct a film, Fortin got ‘the bug’ when he acted for the first time not long ago. “About a year ago, I helped on another film produced in Berlin, New Hampshire,” began Fortin. “It was my first experience and I loved it. I decided to combine my love of writing to another level and write, as well as produce a movie series. ‘Hearts of New England’ is my first film.”

The series, which has not only been filmed in Raymond, but in other New England towns, consist of actors and actresses who live in Maine and surrounding states. 

Fortin (left) and McCauley take a break from filmin
McCauley (who plays the role of wife) didn’t have to travel far for Saturday’s segment of filming as she makes her home in Gray. She has been acting for over two years and recently stared in the not yet released film, “The Purge”. 

Aday (plays Jake, the brother) grew up in L.A. but currently resides in Portland and has been there for the past 14 years. He has been in the entertainment field all his life including an internship with PBS. Besides acting, Aday is a special effects make-up artist as well as a painter and model.

One actor by the name of Forrest Dale, who plays a small role as a body guard, grew up in Raymond until the age of 14. “Hearts of New England” is Dale’s third film in less than a year. He credits his martial arts experience for the roles he has played thus far. Dale now lives in Steuben. 

Behind the scenes crew members for “Hearts in New England” contribute to the success of the film as well. Cinematographer, Alan Dillingham is from Auburn and owns his own company, Killatainment Films. Audio and sound engineer, Ronney Clement is from Monmouth and works for AudioScription.

Fortin looks forward to his movie series debut but it will not be his first success. He has received copy writing awards, published four books and is the assistant store manager of a Fortune 500 company, all before the age of 28.

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