Friday, May 4, 2018

Faculty Spotlight on Patricia Soucy by Matt Pascarella

Patricia Soucy (center) enjoys teaching because it keeps her young. She stands here with two of her students Nate Watson and Tannier Bernier (L-R)
Patricia Soucy is a Spanish teacher at Windham High School and she knew from a young age that teaching (and traveling) was something she always wanted to do. 
Her interests began as a result of spending summers with her aunt, who was a teacher at Morse High School in Bath. During the summers, Soucy spent her summers traveling with her aunt. She enjoyed it so much that she spent time in Mexico as an exchange student during high school. It was at this point she became captivated with other languages. After graduating high school, Soucy attended the University of Maine at Orono and majored in education with a Spanish and Russian concentration. first Spanish teaching job was at Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro where she taught for five years. While she was teaching there, the current vice principal at Windham High School, Deb McAfee, was also at Medomak as the principal. While McAfee was making her transition to Windham, she became aware of an opening for a Spanish teacher at Windham. McAfee asked Soucy if she would be interested in applying for the position. Realizing it was time for a change - Soucy decided to apply and was offered the job.

Soucy loves working with the kids. “It’s rare someone gets up and is happy to go to work, which I am,” she says. “Working with high schoolers keeps me young. I really like the academic ability of high school students. They’re starting to become intellectual and see the world differently, realizing that their future is coming.” 

Most years Soucy travels with her students to Spanish speaking countries. She recently returned from Costa Rica where she co-led the trip with a former student, who now teaches at Deering High School. Soucy enjoys seeing students being involved in the cultures they visit and applying what they’ve learned in the classroom. 

Soucy is also the Spanish Honor Society Advisor. She states that the honor society raises funds to give to seniors in the form of travel scholarships. Additionally, Soucy is the Class of 2021 Advisor, of which her son will be a graduate. She enjoys getting to know the freshman and travel their journey with them.

A Raymond resident, Soucy is married with two sons and spends her summers on Frye Island.

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