Friday, June 8, 2018

Student of the Week: Olivia Hamilton

Olivia Hamilton, a fifth-grade student at Jordan-Small Middle School is The Windham Eagle’s Student of the Week. Hamilton, age 10, enjoys basketball, dance, horseback riding, running, drama and cross-country.

“Olivia is an outstanding student, said her teacher. “She is proficient in all academic and academic enrichment classes. She has an outstanding work ethic. She is dedicated to learning with a stellar focus and willingness to participate daily. She takes comprehensive notes whether directed or not. She asks questions for clarification and doesn’t shy away from advocating for herself and others. In the classroom, Olivia has a sparkle in her eye. She welcomes challenges. Olivia is a true friend. All of Olivia’s friends know she is quiet by nature but can also be playful, possessing a great imagination. She is trusted by her friends both in and out of the classroom. Words that best describe Olivia are trusted, nice, happy-go-lucky, and funny.”

Outside of school, Olivia enjoys reading (especially Harry Potter books) and hanging with her dog Daisy. Her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. Her favorite subject is science and her favorite holiday is Christmas.

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