Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Keep Raymond warm: Volunteers needed

Window inserts will be made at RVCC
A group of community organizations got together to help their neighbors stay warm this winter and the magic is about to happen!

The Raymond Village Library, Raymond Village Community Church and the AmeriCorps volunteer based at Saint Joseph’s College got together with Window Dressers to help their neighbors stay warm and save on energy costs. Eligible families are being provided with free custom window inserts and the group also picked up some paying customers.

State Representative Jessica Fay said "Helping people save money on their heating bills, especially as we head into another cold winter, makes sense. After the heating crisis last winter, we need to make sure that older people and everyone in our community stay warm. Do to the generosity of the Raymond Village Community Church, United Church of Christ and the Window Dressers project the standard five inserts per eligible family has been increased to ten!”

“We all knew that our neighbors could use a helping hand staying warm and decided we could do something about it together” said Reverend Nancy Foran with the Raymond Village Community Church, United Church of Christ. “When the library and AmeriCorps approached us to partner on this project, we were excited to participate.” group will build 250 window inserts Tuesday, December 4 to Friday, December 7 at the Raymond Village Community Church. “The inserts act like interior storm windows and save a gallon of heating oil for every square foot of insert. The Town of Raymond helped us spread the word and the Raymond Lions Club made sure that every family that came into our food pantry heard about the program” said Sheila Bourque the coordinator for the Raymond Village Library.

“Raymond is a town that believes in helping each other. I have experienced the heart the community has for all of its residents and the willingness of people to come together to make a difference. The challenge we have is now we have to build 250 inserts!” said Heather Craig, AmeriCorps volunteer.
The effort needs volunteers to work in shifts to complete the window inserts and also has a need for volunteers to feed those working on the windows. Shifts are for three hours and all materials and training will be provided.

You can sign up by visiting: or by calling Heather Craig at 207-893-7783. For more information on Window Dressers visit

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