Friday, March 8, 2019

Plan for state bridge and road projects unveiled

AUGUSTA – Sen. Bill Diamond, D-Windham, is pleased to announce the details of Maine’s three-year transportation infrastructure work plan, and what it means for the state and region. The plan is released annually with an outline of the Maine Department of Transportation’s strategy for road, bridge and other transportation projects throughout the state.

“As Senate Chair of the Transportation Committee, I am very pleased to see a strong investment in roads, bridges and other critical infrastructure across the state,” said Sen. Diamond. “Upgrades to Route 302, in particular, are much needed.”

According to the MDOT, the work plan includes more than $2.44 billion worth of construction and maintenance, which includes more than 1,900 work items. The three-year plan estimates MDOT will invest in 199 miles of highway construction and rehabilitation; 1,142 miles of pavement preservation; 1,800 miles of light capital paving for roads and highways; 203 spot and safety improvements; and 203 bridge projects.

The following breakdown is the planned capital and maintenance work for some communities in the region in 2019:

Paving projects
Long Hill Road in Baldwin and Sebago beginning at Route 107 and extending south 2.23 miles to Route 114.
Route 5 in Baldwin, Cornish and Hiram beginning 0.19 of a mile south of the Baldwin town line and extending north 5.96 miles to Route 117.
State Park Road in Casco and Naples beginning at Sebago Road and extending south 4.22 miles to Route 302.
Route 302 in Casco, Naples, Raymond and Windham beginning 0.17 of a mile north of Whites Bridge Road and extending northwest 11.28 miles to 0.03 of a mile north of Route 11.
Route 85 in Casco and Raymond beginning 0.09 of a mile north of Egypt Road and extending north 4.15 miles to Poland Spring Road.
Route 114 in Sebago and Standish beginning at the south intersection of the Wards Cove Road in Standish and extending north 2.13 miles to the West Shore Road.
Route 302 in Windham beginning at Whites Bridge Road and extending north 1.42 miles.

Ditching/culvert maintenance
Large culvert improvements on Route 302 in Casco located 0.10 of a mile north of the Bramble Hill Road.
Ditching and culvert replacements on Route 302 in Windham beginning at the intersection of Route 302 and Whites Bridge Road and extending north 2.37 miles to the Windham-Raymond town line.

Bridge improvements
Replacing the Watchic Bridge over Page Brook on Route 113 in Standish located 0.08 of a mile north of Connor Road.
Replacing the Doles Bridge over Colley Wright Brook on River Road in Windham located 0.11 of a mile south of Willow Drive.

Safety improvements
Rehabilitation of River Road in Windham beginning at the Westbrook town line and extending north 3.07 miles.

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