Friday, April 19, 2019

Community Day shares student learning with town

By Matt Pascarella

Community is important. Manchester Community Day, held on Wednesday, March 10 at Manchester School in North Windham, showcased service projects by fourth and fifth grade students during the year. Friends, family and service members gathered in the gymnasium to view the projects and show support. The theme of the day focused on students caring for their neighbors and community.

Fourth graders Allison Shardlow and Brenna Small
from Mrs. Priebe's class show off a homemade birdhouse
Principal Danielle Donnini introduced RSU14 Superintendent Sanford Prince who was one of the guest speakers. He talked about the bravery of Maine resident Samantha Smith, who wrote a letter in 1982 to Yuri Andropov, the leader of the Soviet Union, asking why he wanted to be at war with the United States. Superintendent Prince spoke about how she made a difference and how the students at Manchester School can make a difference. Superintendent Prince added giving back is more important than receiving and the importance of caring for friends, family and community members. 

He also spoke of building relationships with others and the difference that can make.
Windham Middle School Principal Drew Patton then spoke of having role models within the community; and that Windham is full of role models. He stated that as individuals, we need to model the behaviors we want to see.

After the assembly, the students separated by class to reveal the projects they had been working on all year. Students from Carol Priebe’s class, built, painted and distributed birdhouses to those who serve and protect the public.

Priebe has been doing the birdhouse project for a while and she said, “it’s a great way to bring wildlife to the community and our brave service well as show our appreciation.”
Jill Thornton’s class collected the tabs off soda cans to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. Another project included making dog toys out of recycled t-shirts.
Chef Ryan Roderick on the stationary bike blender
making fruit smoothies 

Kelley Simpson, coordinator of the ‘Let’s Go’ program had a stationary bike with a blender on the back. When the bike was peddled, the blender began blending fruit smoothies everyone could enjoy while getting exercise.

It’s a fun way to get physical activity while also making a healthy snack; a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. It’s been really fun and an exciting thing to bring to schools,” observed Simpson.

I think it’s nice for communities to get together whenever they can in a time of celebration and it’s an opportunity to bring parents in during the day,” stated Principal Danielle Donnini. “It’s nice for the students to see the service men and women - a show of mutual respect and support from kids to grownups and grownups back to kids.”

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