Friday, August 9, 2019

Miss Southern Maine Princess uses platform to promote anti-bullying campaign locally

By Craig Bailey

When Miss Southern Maine Princess, Adelynn Elwell, was asked for the key message she would like to share with others, her immediate response was, “I want to create a respectful environment in schools.” Her message echoes that of The Crown CARES program.

The Crown CARES (Creating a Respectful Environment in Schools) program is specifically designed
Adelynn Ewell 
for pageant systems to promote awareness internationally, on the number one problem facing youth and children in school and today's society: bullying and harassment.

When Elwell was asked how she became involved in the pageant system she indicated “I got started when I was three-years old. My mother got me into this. She too was in a pageant and won Mrs. Raymond, in 2015.”

Elwell’s win in February, as Miss Southern Maine Princess (age group, seven to nine years old), is a big step on her way to the USA nationals, to compete for Miss USA Princess. This recent accomplishment also qualifies her for a Presidential volunteer award! The next competition is for Miss Maine Princess, taking place on August 18th, in Biddeford.

As part of The Crown CARES Program, each titleholder spends their year visiting schools and promoting awareness, reading to children and helping them to understand how to stand up to bullying.

Elwell comments, “As a pageant winner, I’ve had the opportunity to read the book “Sticks, Stones and Stumped” (authored by Deb Landry) to preschool and kindergarten classes and make friendship bracelets. I’ve also joined a couple of parades and we held a ‘Unite against bullying’ dance party to get the message out.”

During the upcoming competition, contestants will participate in several activities including an interview with four judges. In preparation, Elwell shared her response to some of the potential questions she may be asked, such as: What is your favorite class? Elwell prefers art and music as she really likes being creative. To another question, what is your favorite color, Elwell responded “Pink and purple as they are bright colors and I’m pretty bright.”

When asked, what may be the most important pageant-related question, why should you become Miss Maine Princess, Elwell quickly responded, “Because people should really stop bullying. I have a big voice. A lot of people look up to me, want to be my friend and listen to me.”

Her Mom, beaming, indicated, “She is the perfect girl to embrace this as she is a best friend to everyone. The program creates a good, respectful environment that children will remember.”
In addition to the interview, contestants will participate in an opening number with all contestants working together as well as typical pageant competitions such as runway fashion, fitness, talent and others.

Elwell’s Mom reinforced, “The Crown CARES program was created as a way to empower girls to use their title and influence to promote anti-bullying. Since every voice counts, it is great to get them involved at an early age.”

A related contest Elwell is competing in, the People’s Choice for Miss Pine Tree State, based on online voting, closes on August 16. Visit to vote for Adelynn. Each dollar donated counts as a vote and the money raised goes towards the anti-bullying platform.

In closing, Elwell offers the following advice for anyone observing bullying, “Simply say, ‘Please stop, you are going to hurt someone’s feelings. Just be nice.”
If you’d like to join the fight against bullying, visit

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