Friday, October 25, 2019

Forensic science expert visits Windham High School

By Lanet Hane

Windham High School recently had the pleasure of hosting forensic psychologist and Thomas College professor Tracey Horton, who came in to speak to students participating in the high school’s ‘Inside the Criminal Mind’ course.

Ms. Horton teaches classes in psychology, criminal behavior, and criminal justice at Thomas and
before that spent 15 years as a forensic psychologist with the criminal justice system of North Carolina. Before sharing in class, Ms. Horton took time to meet with students interested in forensic psychology and answer their questions about programs, various certifications, and other aspects of the career.

"I always love meeting with professors, and meeting with Dr. Horton was no different,” said Emily Shaffer, a student interested in forensic psychology; “it's refreshing to talk to someone who understands what you want to do and can direct you down the right path.”

Inside the Criminal Mind is an elective course geared toward upperclassmen and taught by Jennie Shapiro. This very popular course is a mixture of psychology and English and encourages students to consider the situations and experiences that impact criminal behavior. Ms. Horton’s expertise was a perfect way to add real-life awareness to the course.

Students in Inside the Criminal Mind enjoyed Dr. Horton's visit. They learned about the Risk-Need-Responsivity Model for offender assessment and found Dr. Horton's expertise, as well as her personal experiences working as a forensic psychologist, particularly engaging,” says Ms. Shapiro.

Ms. Horton’s visit comes as one of many guest speakers the high school will be inviting this year to participate in various classes and bring real-world expertise to topics that can often seem disconnected from life outside school walls.

A big thank you to Ms. Horton and Thomas College for so generously sharing their time and expertise with our local students!

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