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Power of connection inspires yoga instructor to teach others

By Kaysa Jalbert

The discussion about yoga is vast, says passionate Yoga Instructor Amber Caron of Windham. She believes yoga modalities support centering and strengthening the mind, body, and spirit through mindful movement and pranayama, the practice on focusing and regulating one’s breath.

Experienced yoga instructor
Amber Caron of Windham
offers free Vinyasa Yoga
classes from 7:30 to 8:30
a.m. Saturdays in the 
Meeting Room at the
Windham Public Library.
Vinyasa Yoga is described as a form of yoga in which poses, or asanas, are linked together in flow and synchrony with breathing, Caron says. “There is variety and creativity in this, and a fluidity that evolves throughout the practice.”

Caron oversees free Vinyasa Yoga classes from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. Saturdays in the Meeting Room at the Windham Public Library and she said the public is always welcome to participate.

“Vinyasa Yoga can be practiced anywhere, from studio to sidewalk, sandy beach to conference room, bedroom to surfboard,” said Caron. “Comfortable clothing for freedom of movement is beneficial, as are mats for grip and cushioning. Props such as blocks can be used to offer variations, enhance postures, or encourage engagements.

Yoga comes in many forms and is often practiced with the intention of bringing awareness and depth to one’s breathing and posture, however, some are intentionally taught at a slower or gentler pace, as one might find in a Restorative yoga class, or draw particular emphasis on spiritual and energetic elements of this practice, such as Kundalini yoga, or may follow a more specific sequence of powerful poses, as can be found in Ashtanga yoga classes.

There are many types, with varying focus, pace, emphasis, and architecture, and those interested in trying yoga may want to explore options, instructors, and classes to find their best fit.

The discussion of yoga itself is infinitely vast as are the benefits to our overall well-being. Research exists supporting benefits of yoga including improved breathing, sleep, balance, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular health, focus, and stability, as well as help in reducing stress, anxiety, and inflammation.

“The science behind how all this occurs is amazing, and expanding, and the massive body of physicians, therapists, researchers, and educators supporting yoga in study and practice continues to grow,” Caron said.

She began practicing yoga many years ago, taking classes offered at her gym from a strong and energetic yoga instructor.

“Over time, I began to notice a different kind of strength, stability, flexibility, and endurance, not just in body, but mind as well,” Caron said.

Sports-related injuries that had previously left Caron with instability and lack of mobility, particularly in the low back and around an ankle joint, vanished over time once she started practicing yoga. She says stability in these areas grew by balancing core and strength work, while scar tissue broke up over time through committed practice and attention in asanas that increased range of motion, and strength.

Her yoga instructor encouraged her to get certified to teach, and she decided to pass on what she’s learned to others. It took a few years to complete her certification while juggling working full time, teaching, and beginning a family.

“In this, while I am most grateful for all yoga’s provided over the years,” she said. “I reaped so many benefits during each of my pregnancies, as well as postpartum. Sharing this practice quickly became a realized gift.”

Caron said one aspect of yoga appeals the most to her.

“There are far too many wonderful attributes of yoga I could discuss here, but if I had to pick just one, I’d say the essence of connection,” Caron said. “Yoga in practice fosters harmony and unification in our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. It allows us the patience, space, and permission to be in our moment, practice insourcing versus outsourcing wisdom. Energy goes where attention flows. So, when we explore, heal, and grow within, we place ourselves in a position to provide positive inception to others. Therein too lies connection, in resonance, coherence, and energetic vibration with all. And sharing this, connecting with others in an offering that also helps them connect with themselves, now that’s a real gift. For that, I am grateful.”

She is now a Certified Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance, RYT500/ERYT200, with over 15 years of teaching group, corporate, and private yoga, and holds specialty yoga certificates in Active Adults, Athletes, Women’s Health, and Warriors/Trauma Informed.

Feel free to drop in or reach out in advance and reserve a spot in her Saturday morning class by sending an email to <

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